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​About TMAF:

Hello, I'm Lyle Polyak, The founder of Talentum Meritus Arts Foundation (TMAF).

Over the course of many years, I have strived to nurture my skills in the visual arts, and to bring my artwork to the marketplace, to make it a self-sustaining endeavor.

(I'm sure that sounds familiar...)

I have had the pleasure of meeting several individuals on the same journey toward mastery and recognition. I can say with certitude, that the majority of the nation's artistic talent goes unknown and uncelebrated due to a lack of exposure. I have seen artistic prodigies overlooked by professional galleries and museums, who favor established names and studios instead. Many modern masters lack the funding and access to professionally reproduce and showcase their work. For these individuals, TMAF was founded, to bring under-recognized talents and emerging artists the means to affordably acquire inventory and market their work.

In partnership with local venues, network businesses and using my own growing collection of fine art printers, I am committed to helping local artists earn the recognition they so richly deserve.
Talentum Meritus is Latin for "Earned Talent," a phrase synonymous with the daily practice that brings all artists to mastery of their craft. It is the name of an undertaking to be jumpstarted by TMAF Art & Design, a project that seeks to breathe life into an eventual full-scale, curated art museum, to house the works of local under-recognized talents and supply meeting space, lecture halls and classrooms for masters of the field to train young minds in the craft. TMAF Art & Design, as a business, brings me in touch with corporations and cooperatives inspired by artists, and through these interactions, this dream becomes more tangible with every passing day.

A Word of Thanks

"If there's one thing that experience has taught me, it's that no one achieves their goals alone. The world is full of individuals with potential. There are countless stories of men and women, with incredible skill, who have gone uncelebrated. It is my view that success, if attained, does not come from talent, but rather the bravery to share our talent that first time, the drive to continue in the face of difficulty, and the good fortune of having friends and family who support us, motivate us and put our cause before other individuals of like mindset. Therefore, I would like to recognize individuals in my life, who have, and continue to, motivate me to strive for success in my goals." 

Thank you to the local businesses, venues and societies which promote TMAF...

Art Warehouse, owner John Dunn -
Brandon Center Place -
Carollwood Cultural Center -
City of Pinellas Park, City Hall -
Clearwater Free Clinic -
Galleries on the Go -
Largo Public Library's Gallery 120 -
Ruth Eckerd Hall -
Saint Petersburg College -
Stirling Art Studio and Gallery -
Suntan Art Center -
St. Cecelia's Catholic Church -
St. Augustine Art Association -
The Beach Art Center -
The Egmont Key Alliance -
The Exhibiting Society of Artists -
The Greater Largo Library Foundation -
The Pinellas Park Art Society

A special thanks to...
Arlen Thorensen, who first motivated me to set my artwork before the public
Captain Robert Barrett, an inspiration to me, a man who never gave up on his goals.
Richard Jansen, visual artist
Barbara Lewis, visual artist and musician
And the artists of PPAS,
"Self portrait in professional attire."

Lyle Polyak,
Illustrator, Owner

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