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Lyle Polyak,
Illustrator, Owner

design services
and printing

Private visits by appointment.

715 Pinellas Street,
Suite # 6
Clearwater, FL 33756

"Bienvenue! Welcome to the design center.  

Let's do something different. Let's rethink the marketing company for the benefit of creative people like us. Each job will be a unique project, perfectly suited to the artist, the gallery, or the business who ordered it. Let's go a step beyond what the customer expects, connecting them to opportunities and peers, that they may not know about, so they can grow and thrive together. That's not your average "marketing company" or "print shop," but then again, we like being different.  

TMAF is founded on fine art and exists to help artists, studios, galleries and creative businesses market well. Enjoy a one-to-one design experience, offering superb quality printing of original artwork, custom marketing aides and signage. Networking with art supply warehouses, manufacturers and specialists, our business practices produce and source products at a healthy discount over retail. We honor your creativity and bring you unique products to tell your story.