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This was a judged art show with gift certificates mailing to 
Best in show, 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place,
As determined by our judges,

Karen Baker, Pastel Society of America
Brenda Mattson, Portrait Society of America,

on this May 1st, 2020.

The Winners are...

Donna Maine-Smith, "The Journey,"
Graphite on coldpress illustration board

An exceptional "slice of life" composition, capturing, in graphite, not just a scene but a lifestyle. Exquisite detail on the vehicles, foliage and structures in the background. I love that the background elements have not been oversimplified or sacrificed in order to restrict attention to the story unfolding in the foreground. A wealth of detail throughout, from the individual leaves to the wrinkles in the fabric. I can't help but wonder if I have seen this gentleman on his way home, on any of the sidewalks we've passed on our excursions for libations. The clothing and posture offer slight clues to his personality and demeanor without ever seeing his face. I would love the opportunity to see the original up close.

(Contact Mrs. Main-Smith at 727.808.9330 to purchase this winning piece or inquire into commissioned works)

Gary Wieser, "Steven"
Pastel Portrait

Supremely expressive and mesmerizing. His eyes lock onto yours. The portrait fades into a striking background of hazy red and blue, which sets off the realism delightfully. Skin tones, highlights and shadows are exceptional, bordering upon photorealistic, I can appreciate the shimmery wetness of the eyes, the effort taken to capture teeth, facial hair and the topography of the face. He looks like he could speak to you and I wonder what he would say.

(Contact Mr. Wieser at 727.492.5526, to purchase this winning piece or inquire into commissioned works) 

Jane Baldridge, "Riptide"
Water based media

A wonderful abstract evoking the flow and splashes of waves. It makes me long for the opportunity to visit our beaches again. Color choices work well to present a maritime theme of aquamarine and steely blue, but I love how splashes of orange, purple and green interrupt the hues. Medium is presented as "water based media" and I suspect fluid acrylics, it would be wonderful to see hanging on a wall to appreciate the textures up close.

(Contact Mrs. Baldridge at 910.233.0860 to purchase this winning piece or inquire into commissioned works)

Terri Mills, "Waiting"
Graphite on Yupo

Its not often that I find myself pondering what a dog is thinking, but this graphite portrait is just so expressive. Marvelous detail on the face and nose capturing short fuzzy hair and big soulful eyes. a good use of negative space to make the subject pop. He (or she) looks so longing, perhaps waiting patiently for a walk or a toy.

(Contact Mrs. Mills at 727.459.2326 to purchase this winning piece or inquire into commissioned works)

Mona Husni, "Peacock"
Acrylic on canvas

A very imaginative concept, using the pattern of tail feathers as an abstract background. A great deal of dedication is evident in the fine details.

(Contact Mrs. Husni at 727.441.2357 to purchase this piece or inquire into commissions)

Richard Whalen, "Dumpster Diving at the Blue Heaven"

An explosion of color with the "juiciness" characteristic of watercolors. Another great "slice of life" piece, the palms are spot on and the shadows nicely done.

(Contact Mr. Whalen at 727.422.5916 to purchase this piece or inquire into commissions)

Brandy Stark, "Shiva Nataraja"

​​Shiva is depicted in "the dance of bliss" in this photograph, He is typically shown dancing in a ring of fire which references the Hindu religion's creation myth. Very interesting and wonderful use of lighting to capture wide, well proportioned highlights and shadows.

(Contact Mrs. Stark at 727.821.5759 to purchase this piece or inquire into commissions)

Harriet Godbole, "Lakeside Reflection"

A beautiful abstract evoking floral colors against aqua and teal. Vibrant, lively colors and such interesting texture.

(Contact Mrs. Godbole at 518.229.5177 to purchase this piece or inquire into commissions) 

Our Judges Were

Judge #1: Karen Baker

Karen Baker has been a professional artist and instructor for over 35 years. She paints both in the studio and outdoors en plein air and has participated in many juried regional and national shows where she’s received awards and recognition for her artwork as well as from international art magazine competitions, including The Artist’s Magazine and The Pastel Journal.

Her portfolio covers a range of subjects from the lowland waterways and coastal shorelines of Florida to the rural farm buildings, meadows and mountain vistas of New England. She is also known for her colorful floral paintings, particularly the prolific Poppy Series featuring blooms in open fields, garden settings, and detailed close-up studies. To date, the Poppy Series alone has produced over 160 original paintings—becoming her signature image and symbolic self-portrait. Many of these original paintings are now available as quality fine art reproductions printed on canvas for both the home and business environments.

She has the distinction of being a Signature Member of the Connecticut Pastel Society, Pastel Society of America, and the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay. Her artwork is in many private collections around the US and abroad, including England and Japan.

An ongoing exhibitor in regional and national shows, she is represented by galleries in New England and Florida and maintains a year-round studio at Stirling Art Studios & Gallery in Dunedin, Florida. Karen’s website is at:

Judge #2: Brenda Mattson

As a beginning artist you are taught to accurately replicate your subject matter and your progress is based on how close to the subject your finished work looks. As a youth, I took this challenge on with a great fervor. In a short time my instructors, and other artists, dubbed my results as very successful. The last half of my life I have spent working on improving my finished art. The most important was to train my "mind's eyes" to see. I worked on new techniques to improve composition, light, shadows, color, contrast and depth. I also added more detail where it was beneficial. I still working on these improvements as you can never stop learning.

Realism is what I truly love. No one has to ask 'what is it" or what is my "message." I pride myself in accentuating the highlights of a subject that even a photo can't do justice to. I love the course my art has taken and I wouldn't change a thing. Fortunately, there are many people who love what I am doing and this knowledge is all the reward I need.

In the process of refining my technique, I have gravitated more and more to the use of pastels. I find this medium extremely pleasurable. I can use the texture to achieve effects that are difficult to do in other mediums. The vibrant colors are inspiring. Pastels allow me to be creative from beginning to end. Contrary to common belief: you can add tremendous detail with pastels.

A variety of subject matter is important to me. I love portraits (especially children), animals, floral and landscapes from all over the world (as well as my home state of Michigan). I especially enjoy when I capture a candid moment. I find that variety allows me to alternate and take a break from a painting should the need arise.

Teaching allows me to meet people and travel, two things I enjoy as much as painting. If I had a 1nission statement it would be to continue to do these three things the rest of my life. 

​Brenda Matteson is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, a member of the Portrait Society of America, The Salmugundi Club NY, was Exhibition Chairperson for the International Association of Pastel Societies from 2006 to 2009 and is Historian for the Great Lakes Pastel Society. in 2009 she received the IAPS Golden Mentor Award and Master Circle Award. in 2019 she received her IAPS Eminent Pastelist Award. Her work has been published in three books and several art magazines. She has a portrait of President Ford in the permanent collection of he Gerald R. Ford Museum. Her work has hung in many museums in the United States as well as abroad. Brenda teaches workshops nationally and internationally and has her works in many galleries as well as corporate and private collections. 

The Backstory: 

This March we witnessed the outbreak of COVID-19 and its dire effects upon the local fine arts industry. 

Many of our favorite galleries and studios have been closed as a response to "social distancing" mandates. 

TMAF has chosen to combat the loss of art venues with this virtual art exhibition, presented by the artists of Tampa Bay.  All art in the exhibit is available for purchase and the artists commissionable for great custom works. The virtual exhibit requires Adobe Flash Player and should play automatically above. This interface lists the art title, medium, price and artist contact information, so interested persons can contact the artists by phone. 
Online until May 30

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